Time and Attendance System

Track and manage employee hours in real-time

What is Time & Attendance Software?

Mitrefinch Time & Attendance allows you to accurately and easily answer every question relating to your company that begins with ‘who?’, ‘where?’ and ‘when?’.

Using our fully automated cloud-based solution your employees can clock-in at any location and provide your company with real-time information in an instant.

Our HR management software is the complete time and attendance solution. This means you can

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All-in-One Time & Attendance Solution

Best suited for 100-10,000+ Employees

employee time and attendance system software
  • Clocking Options

    Seamlessly capture time with our diverse range of clocking options

  • Health & Safety

    Increase employee accountability with real-time visibility of your workforce

  • FMLA Tracking

    Ensure compliance with all regulations related to paid time off

Gain Complete Control of Employee Time-Tracking

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Making Payroll & Compliance Easy

Using old fashioned methods, like clock-in cards, to monitor your company’s workforce is probably costing you money. The American Payroll Association estimate that the illegal practice of ‘buddy punching’ costs U.S. companies approximately $400 billion per year.

Surveys have also shown that most employees would prefer to use latest technology to record their time and attendance.

Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software allows you to:

  • Receive real-time updates to employee data
  • Automate tasks to save time
  • Customize reports
  • Integrate with 3rd third party payroll software
  • Create rules based on regulations to ensure compliance
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Benefits & Features of Time and Attendance Software

  • Easy to accommodate different work patterns (e.g. 3-day week, 6-day Week, mornings only etc.)
  • Facilitate the clocking up of hours worked outside of core hours to enable the taking of flexi leave
  • Facilitate the recording of hours if working off-site (e.g. working from home or another office)
  • Record the various types of leave e.g. sick leave, annual leave, parental, maternity, paternity etc.
  • Staff can input annual leave requests to their manager. When they are approved they automatically show on the system
  • Flag a staff member is about to exceed sick leave/flexi leave/annual leave entitlements
  • Mobile Clock-in to record/clock up hours when traveling
  • Ability to insert different sick leave parameters
  • Each staff member has individual log-in and access to his/her own records
  • A manager can have access to the records of staff reporting to him/her
  • The overall administrator can access all records
  • Ability to run individual reports such as sick leave, weekly hours worked
  • A software to ensure that you are compliant with the working time Act and other employment law legislation

Empower your Workforce

Increase Productivity with Time & Attendance Software