Security Lock Distributors



Security Lock Distributors (SLD) is recognized as one of the country’s largest stocking distributors of door and security hardware. They have strategically located warehouses in Massachusetts, Florida, Nevada and Illinois that provide 1-2 day ground delivery to more than 80 percent of the country. One of the reasons distributors like Security Lock earn their reputation as preferred providers is due to their output and quality. The company were struggling to control labor costs due to manual outdated processes related to employee time and attendance. The distributor needed to ensure that each shift had the right set of employees and skills present so productivity and quality control could be maintained at the highest level.


What Security Lock needed was a solution that could:

  • Streamline time and attendance approval and payroll processing
  • Eliminate buddy punching with biometric clocking terminals
  • Enable managers to oversee employee time to labor costs
  • Reduce compliance risk associated with OSHA and Department of Transport regulations


Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software allows Security Lock to keep track of employee time and attendance, all in one easy-to-manage database. Employees simply clock in at the terminals and all data is instantly sent to the centralized database, where it can be viewed in real time. Staff administrators no longer have to spend hours each week shuffling through time cards and paperwork. Attendance data can be imported directly to the organization’s payroll system. Not only is time being saved, but management has eliminated costly payroll errors.

Using advanced employee scheduling software, Security Lock can balance labor supply with demand, so they can continually optimize productivity. Absence management functions track all planned and unplanned absences, so understaffing is never an issue.