Bruin Plastics



Bruin Plastics Company, located in Rhode Island, is a leading manufacturer of vinyl-reinforced laminated and coated products. In order to keep costs competitive for their customers, Bruin Plastics needed to actively control operational and labor costs. Increased workforce visibility would enable the manufacturer to perform key tasks more efficiently – including overtime planning and employee data management – to deliver a clear and accurate picture of workforce operations.


What Bruin Plastics needed was a solution that could:

  • Accurately schedule employees based on required skills and product lines
  • Integrate time and attendance to gain better insights into workforce activities
  • Deliver real-time employee data they could leverage to improve efficiency
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing FLSA, ACA and union rules


Using Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software, Bruin Plastic can now automate time and attendance of all employees, significantly cutting costs and time associated with manual workforce management processes. The manufacturer can efficiently balance their labor supply with demand, reducing costly overstaffing and overtime.

Time and attendance data is exported directly to the payroll system, eliminating expensive payroll errors. Furthermore, the absence management module enables Bruin Plastics to manage both planned and unplanned absences, so they don’t impact production or quality. This makes it easy to ensure shifts are staffed with skilled employees, and that there are always enough staff scheduled to manufacture a quality product on time.

Customer Snapshot

Bruin Plastics




Burrillville, RI


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