Absence Management

Eliminate manual absence tracking and ensure your business stays compliant

How can Mitrefinch Absence Tracking help?

Employee Absenteeism can be a major and costly challenge for HR. With Mitrefinch’s cloud-based solution, you can accurately track in real-time who is absent and who shouldn’t be.

  • Gain Real-Time Visibility of your Workforce
  • Create Unlimited Absence Codes
  • Detect Absenteeism Anomalies and Trends
  • Avoid Late Lunches and Early Clocks Outs
  • Calculate savings

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All-in-One Absence Management Software

Best suited for 100-10,000+ Employees

  • Absence Tracking

    Create unlimited absence codes to monitor different types of leave

  • Paid Time Off

    Automate the entire annual leave accrual and time off process

  • Absence Exceptions

    Receive automatic notification of any unchecked requests or anomalies

  • Attendance Policies

    Reduce absenteeism and leave abuse with a defined attendance policy

  • FMLA Tracking

    Stay on track of your entire organization’s use of FMLA

  • Leave Management

    Ensure all employee leave complies with federal and state regulations

Are your employees benefiting your profit margin?

You need to control employees’ absence. Control isn’t only about authorizing planned absences. What if your employees continuously arrive late or act against company leave policies? Will you even notice?

When employee’s leave and absence details aren’t managed properly your productivity will drop.That’s why you need Mitrefinch’s Employee Absence Management software.

This software keeps you informed of any employee absences. It happens in real time and you’ll know exactly what’s going on with employees throughout your organization.

You can detect challenges and plan around absent individuals more effectively. This keeps productivity high and you’re empowered to handle anomalies before they escalate into problems.

Your employees’ actions determine your productivity. When they’re not there your business can’t flourish. Are your employees abusing your leave system?

With Mitrefinch Absence Management software you’re put back in control of the situation. You can track their absence and be proactive when necessary.

How does the software empower you?

You get Detailed Reports

Mitrefinch’s software allows for a detailed setup customized to your business needs:

  • Planned sick leave
  • Unplanned sick leave
  • Holiday leave
  • Personal leave
  • Any other type your company allocates

You can have a clear picture of each employee’s actions

Reports Show Trends

Part of management’s responsibilities is to manage employees.

With Mitrefinch software you’re empowered to do this better:

  • You’ll know when it’s best not to approve leave. Perhaps it will negatively impact a department.
  • You can see trends of individuals abusing time and being absent often. Handle it before it becomes a problem.

Software Identifies Problems

Let the software identify risks before they turn into problems. When employees violate company rules with their absences Mitrefinch software can warn you.

You save time because you spend less time pouring over employee records. You also become proactive because you can prevent employees abusing company time.

Can software handle your business’ unique setup?

The Mitrefinch Absence Management software is designed to give you customized options. You can track different types of leave of anyone in the company. And view them together if you need an overall interpretation.

This is how versatile the Mitrefinch software is!

Handle all Absences on one Platform

Be empowered by processing all leave on one software package. You can load as many types as you need:

  • Holidays
  • Personal leave
  • Sick leave
  • Short term disability
  • Long term disability
  • Custom absence categories relevant to your business or industry

With this detailed information you can take in an employee’s leave history—and future—in one glance.

Detailed Information on Each Employee

Are you concerned about a certain employee? Mitrefinch software allows employees and managers to view a certain employee’s profile at any time.

Handle Approvals Effortlessly

Your business benefits from streamlined processes that save time and effort.

On the Mitrefinch Absence Management software your employee leave approval process becomes fast and efficient:

  • Employees request time off on the system
  • Line managers receive requests
  • Line managers can approve or reject requests
  • The leave system is automatically updated accordingly


Will the new request put a department under unnecessary pressure? What if other department members are also on leave?


On this software all employees’ leave can be viewed. Quickly view data and make practical decisions that benefit your productivity.

Accurate Record Keeping

You save even more time because Mitrefinch software does calculations on your behalf. You simply have to create rules and guidelines:

  • What type of leave is each employee entitled to?
  • How many days are they allowed of each type?

The system will keep track of leave taken. It won’t allow leave requests outside these parameters unless authorized.

Isn’t this more dynamic than keeping manual records that require a lot of paperwork?

Absence requests don’t have to waste your time anymore.

Mitrefinch’s Absence Management software facilitates a quick Three Step process.

The absence of paperwork means you and your employees save time & effort. You can all focus on other important activities that influence your business’ productivity.

Here’s all you need to do for absence requests.

Step 1 – Request

Your employees no longer need to fill out lengthy leave forms.

At any time they can log into the Mitrefinch software and put in a request for absence:

  • It’s a user friendly interface
  • All leave types are displayed for fast selection

Now the employee simply waits for the reply.

Step 2 – Authorization

Mitrefinch software allows you a setup according to your leadership structure.

An employee’s request is sent to an appropriate line manager. He or she can approve or decline the request.

Step 3 – Automatic System Update

You don’t have to do manual updates any longer.

The moment an approval is done the software will deduct the leave days from the employee’s allowance.

Manual tasks can result in human error. With this software you’re guaranteed accurate and up to date employee records.

Additional Benefit – Failsafe

You want to limit unnecessary tasks right?

Mitrefinch software will block any requests that fall outside the parameters you set up for each employee.

Don’t reply to a request and waste time. The system does this for you:

  • The request isn’t sent through to a line manager
  • The employee receives a message why the leave can’t be approved

There are always exceptions right? Can software help you manage unique situations in your business?

With Mitrefinch Absence Management Software you can.

Do these apply to your business?

  • Employees occasionally working from home. This means they don’t clock in at the office.
  • Employees take too long to return after lunch.
  • Planned work hours and actual hours don’t align

On Mitrefinch software these situations will be identified as anomalies. And you can handle them effortlessly.


Anomalies occur whenever an employee’s office work hours fall outside the usual parameters. The software will pick it up.

These anomalies can be handled individually or tracked to determine trends.


Managers and employees can both view anomalies. This empowers you in two ways:

  • Employees can supply reasons and request anomalies to be approved. This applies to working at home or other valid reasons. This prevents unnecessary discussions and misunderstandings.
  • Managers can view anomalies and ask employees about it. Request changes in behavior if necessary. Handle problems before they become habits and deprive the company of productivity.


Reports empower managers to stay informed of anomalies and their impact.

Mitrefinch software can provide:

  • Reports on anomalies company wide
  • Reports on anomalies in a department
  • Make comparisons between planned and actual hours worked

You’ll quickly see where your company runs a risk of unproductivity. You can take action—in a department or with a specific employee—before the situation escalates.


safety in the workplace

Simplify Labor Law Compliance

Ensure consistent application of regulatory requirements

The Mitrefinch Leave management solution automatically updates in compliance with federal regulations, saving you time and money spent on manual tracking. FMLA specific time-off requests can be scheduled like any other type of paid time-off. Eligibility for FMLA leave can be checked by the system once an employee’s information has been entered.

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