Absence Management

Eliminate manual absence tracking and ensure your business stays compliant

How can Mitrefinch Absence Tracking help?

Employee Absenteeism can be a major and costly challenge for HR. With Mitrefinch’s cloud-based solution, you can accurately track in real-time who is absent and who shouldn’t be.

  • Gain Real-Time Visibility of your Workforce
  • Create Unlimited Absence Codes
  • Detect Absenteeism Anomalies and Trends
  • Avoid Late Lunches and Early Clocks Outs

All-in-One Absence Management Software

  • Absence Tracking

    Create unlimited absence codes to monitor different types of leave

  • Paid Time Off

    Automate the entire annual leave accrual and time off process

  • Absence Exceptions

    Receive automatic notification of any unchecked requests or anomalies

  • Attendance Policies

    Reduce absenteeism and leave abuse with a defined attendance policy

  • FMLA Tracking

    Stay on track of your entire organization’s use of FMLA

  • Leave Management

    Ensure all employee leave complies with federal and state regulations

safety in the workplace

Simplify Labor Law Compliance

Ensure consistent application of regulatory requirements

The Mitrefinch Leave management solution automatically updates in compliance with federal regulations, saving you time and money spent on manual tracking. FMLA specific time-off requests can be scheduled like any other type of paid time-off. Eligibility for FMLA leave can be checked by the system once an employee’s information has been entered.

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